Dave Maestas is a retired Special Forces "Green Beret" and Airborne Ranger.  He retired from the Army in 2014 after 20 years of service and almost 4 years of combat overseas.

Since retiring he created several businesses to include starting a non-profit called My Ranger Biz whose goal is to unite Veteran Businesses across the country.  With over 200 businesses and 2000 members it is a huge success that Veterans across the country have used to buy from Veteran businesses whether B2B or B2C.

Today Dave Maestas owns, co-produces or sponsors Veteran businesses and non-profits across the Puget Sound.

Thurston Veteran Business is designed to give recognition to Veteran Businesses and create a focal point for information.   We are not here to take away from anyone helping Veterans, we are here to help. We will even gladly partner with you.  When we work together, we are stronger, less fragmented and can accomplish anything!


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